With the world fighting one of the deadliest pandemics and struggling to retain the economy, there is no time better than now to start investing in better health. When it comes to detoxifying our body and mind from within, there is no better option than full-body wrap and red light skin therapy.  Infrared body wraps offer a relaxing experience while at the same time detoxifies the skin. One session of body wrap or red light skin therapy can do wonders like alleviate body pain, burn calories, smoothen the skin, tighten the skin, and reduce cellulite.

This post will look into some of the beautiful advantages of infrared skin treatments and why you should experience one.

1. Weight Loss

Now that the quarantine life is over, many of us can go back to their schedule. For many, this means getting back on track with their weight loss journey. If you have put on some extra pounds while practicing self-isolation, an infrared body wrap is what you need now. Infrared body wraps effectively reduce inches and burn fat from some of the most delicate body parts. The treatment entails wrapping the body with a thermal sheet or a pod that emits infrared lights. The lights penetrate deep into the skin cells and trigger sweat glands. Infrared light effectively breaks down the fat cells and improves blood circulation. It also increases cell metabolism, which further facilitates by burning calories.

2. Alleviates Pain

Body pain can be a result of a variety of conditions. Body pain causes irritation and discomfort to people and may affect their daily life. Infrared therapies and red light therapy tanning beds prove to be some of the most effective treatments for body aches. These unconventional treatments have proven to increase blood circulation in the body. The heat rays have a calming effect on the area paining and irritated nerves. The therapy not only alleviates the symptoms, but it also enhances the rebuilding of injured tissues and regeneration.

3. Skin Rejuvenation

Many people desire to have smooth and soft skin. Infrared skin therapy is the answer to many skin-related conditions like fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, and acne. The heat penetrates the skin cells and promotes blood flow that further improves the health of the cells. Infrared heat also stimulates cells’ metabolism and regeneration of new and healthy cells. Infrared skin treatment has shown results like reverse aging, skin tightening, and reduction of cellulite.

4. Detoxification

While our body detoxifies regularly, factors like lifestyle, stress, and medical conditions may prevent the body from optimally flushing out the toxins. Infrared treatments like cocoon detox and infrared body wrap are some of the best alternatives to detoxification. The far-infrared heat that penetrates the skin cells makes the body sweat out toxin naturally. Infrared treatment not only detoxifies the body but at the same time, it helps the body boost immunity.

5. Relaxation

In today’s time, finding a moment of peace and calm has become challenging. However, relaxation is essential to carry on day to day chores. Infrared offers a calming sensation to the body with its warm heat envelopes the body. Besides providing a comforting feeling, the infrared treatment also helps balance cortisol levels, which further increases the sense of joy and happiness.

By Nami