Tips for Choosing Glasses that Suit Face Shape

Do you wear glasses? Besides its function, glasses are also popular for fashion because they can add style elements to one’s appearance. The use of glasses can show your personal expression. However, you need to know that some glasses look right on our faces, but some don’t. The choice of frame color and shape can give impact your look.

Square Face Shape

Try to choose glasses with round shapes or shapes that are bigger than your cheeks. Dark or bold colors are perfect for square faces. You need to avoid bright colors and avoid glasses with geometric shapes. The right glasses will actually increase the angle on your face.

Heart Shape

heart-shaped face shape is a face with a wide forehead, pointed chin, and also high cheekbones, it is advisable to choose glasses with a thin round or thin oval frame. Bright and light colors are very suitable for this type of face. For heart shape, you should avoid dark-colored eyeglass frames and thick frames.

Oval Face Shape

Oval face shape has the characteristic of the soft jawline, and the chin is slightly pointed, with high cheekbones. If you have an oval face shape, Light and dark colors frame can make your face attractive. However, remember to avoid oversized glasses because it will drown most of the main features of your face.

Round Face Shape

If you have chubby cheeks, a fairly broad forehead, and a not-so-pointed chin, it is strongly recommended to choose square-shaped glasses. You can also choose glasses with decorative frames and unique shapes. It would be best if you avoided narrow and round eyeglass frames.

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By Nami