Sometimes buying a gift for the baby or small child becomes a difficult task. Maybe you will be confused about what kind of gift suits the child.

Especially if the baby or child who is given a gift is a boy, of course, it will be increasingly difficult to determine the choice of gifts for boys.

Gifts for Boys Age 8 – 10

Children aged 8 to 10 years, especially boys, are the most active period where they spend time outdoors. They prefer to play with their peers.

As a parent, of course, you have to give your child the opportunity to learn from their environment. But, you must still accompany what interests and talents.

Well, here we recommend several gift options for boys aged 8 -10 years.

School supplies

You can give gifts in the form of school supplies. Such as backpacks, stationery, notebooks, and pencil cases.

Moreover, if you give the color that your little one likes, of course, they will like it. The favorite colors that boys usually like are black and blue.

If the child has a favorite cartoon character, then giving a gift with a picture of that character will certainly be a surprise.

Model Kits

Model kits are toys that look the same as robots and toy cars. The difference is that this game must be assembled first before using it. So when removed from the packaging, the model kit is not yet in shape.

This one game is not only fun for the baby. But also train the creativity of the child. You can buy according to the age of the child where there are various levels of complexity to choose from. You can also buy your child a Nintendo Switch Slim Cover Case as his birthday gift which you can find at

Tips for Choosing the Best Gifts for Boys

Finding gifts for boys is not easy. You have to be smart in choosing a gift that doesn’t just give pleasure to the baby.

But you have to choose a gift that is also useful to help its growth and development. Here are some tips for choosing gifts for boys.

The first tip is to choose items that are trending among their age. Items that are trending among children are usually related to films and animation.

2. Adjust the gift according to the child’s age

Giving gifts must also be adjusted to the age of the child. If you want to buy an item but are confused about finding it, you can ask the shop assistant.

By telling your child’s age, the shopkeeper will find out which items are more suitable as gifts. When it comes to fashion, age is very influential where the size of the fashion will vary.

3. Adjusting the gift to the moment that happened

Giving gifts or gifts doesn’t have to be on a birthday, right? You can give gifts according to the moment that occurs.

For example, when your child gets good grades in school, you can give him a box of his favorite chocolate candy or his favorite superhero t-shirt. These gifts that are only with a small budget, of course, still make him happy.

If you give them a gift for their birthday, you can give your son something more valuable. This is what the child has always wanted. For example, giving a bicycle, favorite superhero bag, shoes of his choice, or something else.

4. Adjusting to children’s hobbies

The next tip is that you can give gifts according to the child’s preferences. These items are also able to help in developing their talents and hobbies. You can find out based on his hobbies and habits.

Finding gifts for boys is not easy. You as a parent should be able to choose a gift that does not just make the baby happy. But also provide items that can help children develop and hone their brains at the same time.

By Nami