Proven Benefits of Having a Cat as a Pet

Lately, looking for a good chance of mood? Or struggling to keep it together because of living in the same routine? And yet to experience owning a little cat? well, there’s no stopping for this. We get that therapists recommend staying with family and friends when one is going through a rough patch or generally just for the sake of good mental health, but at times, that too gets boring since all the people get busy in themselves at the end of the day. There go you and your irritable mind alone again. Of course, psychologists know this situation as well. And for this day they have been suggesting a pet an Emotional Support Animal, i.e. ESA. There is an ESA Doctors review that emotional support can be obtained through a pet on a similar level as that of a human being’s support. How does that work? When you surround yourself with you ESA cat or dog, you develop a companionship which later turns into your motivational check.

You might as well start getting along with the idea now—cats as an ESA. But what makes a cat beneficial emotional support? Let’s hop on it.  

Your Improved Physical Health?

Research has found that cats lower stress levels. Lesser the stress, least the chance of severe diseases. In this case, cats decrease the chance of heart diseases for its owner. How absolutely caring of the cat it is?

Pur is Not Only Fun

Who doesn’t like the cat’s purring? What if we tell you the pur can be higher than just an expression of comfort? Another one of the fantastic proven benefits of having a cat is that it can help you heal the tendons, muscles, and bones. A cat’s purr has the same healing tendency which physical sound therapy has. 

No More Sleepless Nights

It’s not just hearsay that a cat’s presence on the bed helps you sleep better than ever before. Studies have confirmed over the years that around 50 per cent of people experienced positivity in their sleep; each time a survey was conducted. 

Look More Attractive

Most of the women have been found saying things like she wants to look good, or she doesn’t look good enough, etc. What if looking useful or more attractive doesn’t have to do with ‘you’? Yes. A little change in the perspective can change a lot and help you to be more self-confident. Many of the psychologists have studied that human beings are found more comfortable and less conscious when they go out with someone else, or if they’re carrying an object which significantly shifts the attention of the public from one’s face. You can take anything ranging from a handbag, high heels, and the hair color to even a pet. Not only would you look more attractive, but it would also be helping you with social anxiety.  

Reduce the Anxiety

While we are at it- anxiety is not restricted to social surroundings. You can be in your bed, in the comfort of being alone, and still, be anxious. Studies have found that being around somebody who you have a connection with- has a profound relation with decreasing anxiety. Cats are usually super snuggly. Hug them, and all your stress would go away!

How Can We Forget About This!

Last but not least, if you have kids in your house, you’re probably concerned about their growth. Have you ever thought about challenging them with nurturing a pet? Kids who grow up with animals develop caring and more responsible personalities as compared to the ones who didn’t have to feed or bathe any individual besides themselves. 

Take that big step today and don’t hesitate in becoming a parent earlier than what you intended. After all, it’s all worth it.

By Nami