How to add value to your gym?

A gym that only cares about charging a monthly fee without taking care of its customers is doomed to fail. People today are looking for the gym to offer more than just machines. Your gym should have a digital weight scale that allows people to track their weight during their workout. In fact, you can offer a free service where you keep track of each of your clients’ weight, giving them prizes if they reach a determined goal. One of the advantages of gym scales is that they allow you to analyse much more than just weight. You can create personalised routines for each of your clients where, if they achieve a specific weight, they can receive a discount on their next monthly payment or access to other areas of the gym for a limited period of time.

Motivation is important

In order to get the most out of the gym, people need to stay motivated. Problems with work, family and debts, among others, are different factors that prevent your clients from feeling motivated. When there is a lack of motivation, clients stop coming to the gym and that translates into losses. You can create small groups of people that attend during the same hours and organise personalised challenges for them. The idea is not to make them compete against each other, but that they inspire themselves to reach a common goal. To achieve this, each person must have a personal goal and the group itself must have a different one. The reward each person receives for reaching their set objectives should be greater than the reward they receive as a group. That is to avoid that if one person does not achieve his or her target weight, the others do not feel demotivated.

A stronger mind

You cannot have a strong body if you do not have the right mindset. In order for people to decide to start at the gym and stay motivated, you need to make sure you nurture their minds. You can do this through small doses of information that you can post on your social media or create channels on platforms such as Telegram. The information should help people in different situations. For example, you can show techniques to cope with stress, advantages of creating healthy habits, best exercise routines when training in groups, etcetera. The idea is that your clients feel you care about them beyond the monthly fee they have to pay to use your gym facilities. That is known as “added value”.

By Nami