Celebrate being single!

Single’s Day is a holiday that the Chinese celebrated initially. However, it has grown in popularity and is celebrated worldwide. It is celebrated on the 11th of November and is known as an anti-Valentines Day celebration. The celebration is for all the single people to enjoy. It all started in 1993 when China’s Nanjing University came up with the idea. The meaning behind the choice of the date, 11/11, is that four single digits stand together, and this is what the day wants to represent. Although it is an unofficial holiday, many retailers and companies get on board, increase the prices of the items sold, and make a significant profit. If you are curvy and looking for the perfect thing to wear, visit Nora Cora, one of the many online shopsoffering great garments.

Tips to help save and celebrate this day within a budget:

Depending on what one wants to do to celebrate the day, it can get very pricey, so it is best to prepare beforehand to ensure one does not go overboard. Deciding on the budget is the first important step. After that, one must determine who one wants to invite. Food is becoming increasingly expensive, so one way to save money is by asking the guests to bring a tray of eats. If one does this, it will help to inform the guest whether they must get sweet or savory, or else one may end up with only sweet snacks or just many tasty options and no variety. To cut costs on music, one can download songs and create a playlist. Then set the electronic device up to a Bluetooth speaker or the television, and presto, music! Decorations are the next item on the list, and they can get costly, so a great way to save some extra money here is to buy decorations once they are on sale. For example, Singles Day is celebrated on the 11th of November, so on the 13th, the Singles Day-themed things go on sale, so stocking up on supplies then is a great option.

Alternatively, one may purchase decorations that one can use for various events. Buying plain-colored decorations means using them for many holidays, not just one celebration. For instance, one can use a red plastic cloth for Christmas, Singles Day, and a birthday celebration. DIY decorations are the perfect solution for any celebration on a budget.  Many templates and designs are available online. If one is thinking of doing something more lowkey, then arranging a picnicis an excellent option because everyone can pack their food and sit on a picnic blanket under a tree, which will not cost any money. Purchasing some extras like balloons, little tiaras for the girls, or ties for the boys, will add to the spirit.

Remember that being single does not mean being boring!

Often single people will feel lonely, depressed, and sad that they do not have a particular person in their life. However, it is essential to remember that being single does not mean one is boring or not as memorable as a married person; celebrate your life, whether single or not, and use any reason to party!

By Nami